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I finally found a tutorial for a blur switch gif and decided to use them on my two sets of new drawings <3
This is my Dangan Ronpa OC Kazumi switching between her Actress look and Mastermind forms

Music Inspiration - Numb by Marina and the Diamonds <3

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I just turned 21 and I’m unemployed…what am I even doing with my life?

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I’m actually proud of this gif even though I made it with a GODDAMN TOUCHPAD

(feel free to use by the way)

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I found the reason as to why I should start sleeping earlier at night

and this is it…

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next time someone tells me I’m overreacting or to shut the fuck up when I take a really big anxiety attack, I’m just gonna show them this comic

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day 3 of being very sleep deprived

….it’s doing weird things to me man :I

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